My [Commissioned] Work

Here is a preview of some work I made for clients and some personal work.
All made with porcelain and 24kt goldluster.

The ceramic process is a long process and it requiers patience, a lot of patience. You start off with soft clay. Porcelain or any other clay. After you finnish your work, it needs to dry. It actually depends on how big it is, but usually for me, it takes around a week to fully dry. At this stage your work is very fragile! After your product is dry, you fire it in a kiln at approximately 950 °C, the clay gets harder and is ready to be glazed. There are a lot of techniques you can use and all kinds of materials to 'color' your clay before you put glaze on your product. After your glazing stage, you fire it again, in my case porcelain at about 1200 °C. After that I use 14kt gold luster which I apply to the glazed product and fire it again at 750 °C. Each firing takes about approximately 24 hours , because the kiln has to cool down before you open it. If you open it too soon, your work can crack. During these stages and firings, a lot can go wrong, that is why it is such a delicate and intensive process.